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About me.

My name is Sky and I like to play with my friends. My favourite  food is pizza, is the best. My best friend  is  Charlotte.

Happy holidays

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. We had a surprise birthday party for my mum, yesterday. It was lovely (but there was rather a lot of washing up to do afterwards ... even though we used paper plates).

Have funsmiley

Hey. Year 5!

Hi Year 5. This is just a test to see if you are reading the blog. Get posting and I will leave a comment on your blog. Why not add photos of places you have been. I will see if we can sort out the WeeMee issue as quick as possible. 

I will keep a look out for your new posts and comments so that they are approved as quickly as possible.smiley


Paige c

Hi Mr Wright your my best teacher ever ???????????? 

What ive done today

Today ive been doing literacy and math and now im  doing computering this is the blog im doing today thus morning in literacy I did a lot of work. BYE!


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